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The truth about 1-6-2021

All the evedince is coming out about the Republican efforts to ovethrow the election of Nov 3,2020 and install Donald Trump as the US President. Over 100 Republican Congresspersons were set to block the confirmtion of Joe Biden as The new president when a Republic

Get Hot With Your Summer Makeup

Every day, we are battered by news, magazines and televisions of beauty contests and ads on beauty programs. Beauty is about looking good and living a healthy lifestyle. Beauty is both on the skin and is actually inside users. Beauty can be found in almost everything we see, its only a matter of

Harvard- Stanford- And Wharton: Navigating The Business School Trilogy Welcome To MBA Pod TV I'm Your Host Dillon E Fernando For Many Students Harvard Stanford And Wharton Represents The Dream Business Schools We Offer The Lure Of Prestige And Professional

Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton: Navigating the Business School Trilogywelcome to MBA pod TV I'm your hos


Often students can’t write college essays on their own for a variety of reasons. Many students feel exhausted from the pressures of studying. Others often have a part-time job which helps them to pay for their schooling, and some students can’t adapt to a foreign language. Getting you

GEHA can't decide if Oxygen is needed by a VET

This is not hard to understand. Doctor submits bill for durable medical equipment. Amount $552.01 Amount allowed $119.68 - the amont the doctor should have charged. Claim dissallowed $552.0

Federal Employees Look out if you use GEHA Medical Insurance

If you are a member of the  GEHA Medical Insurance for Federal emploees and families and are required to get drug testing done to comply with a doctor's request BEWARE !!! GEHA is refusing to cover these tests after more than 16 items have been tested for in

How To Grow Into One For This Elite Top 3% Of Network Marketers

Communication. A solid interior design degree program will also emphasize to its students the need for interpersonal communication skills your market professional market. Often, a designer working on a project will be accountable for communicating significant different people all together. Betwee

Why 3d Architectural Visualization Succeeds

It’s sculpting device is a great example of why this software

The Way To Select Lever Door Knobs For The Home That Look Great - Outdoors

Door levers of the brand come with lock on them. G2459E Gun Safe features an electronic lock with 3 steel live-locking bolts/3 dead bolts, as well as a hardened steel plate design, external hinges, gun rack, carpeted interior and 4-way adjustable interior. However, it'll be preferable to take in

Kitchen Tools And Equipment And Their Uses

There are dozens and dozens of easy recipes for beginners which are available online. You still must be aware of the appropriate method of utilizing the ingredients into your cooking. The advantage of locating these recipes on the internet is that they don't cost much. But, you shouldn't rely on tho

The AMAZING GOP Variations

The Republicans in government seem to have more vaiations than Covid-19 that comes from China, South Africa , and the UK . Just like the bug it just keeps changing and oing in a different direction with a whole new purpose in life and changing the the missleading infor mation spewed from

How I became a rec.

As you can see, 1977 was a bad year. But, it lead to a very long and good relationship along with many children,grandchildren and great grandchildren. Most are not this lucky in life but you should realise that there is always hope and all you have to do is CONTINUE.

You can't save everything

George explains how we cannot save everything. So why try? Our planet is doomed and we should except that fact.

George Knows the Ten Commandments

There is no question, George Carlin knows how to express our feelings better then we do. In this vid he explains why the Ten Commandments should be just a few. The point is, even back then they said way more than was needed to get the point accross.

The Raiders new home

The Raiders are  now in Las vegas Nevada and here is a look at the stadium located on the Las Vegas Strip.
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