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Winning at Las Vegas Black Jack

Can you win playing BlackJack in Las Vegas? The real answer is YES. Card counting is not the answer because it will get you barred from the Casino but under some circomstances, you can consistently win over and over again.

Here are the rules you need to follow every time you play.

1. Always play when the dealer is using the shoe. You cannot win if the cards are being dealt by hand.

2. Always try to get on a full table and take a seat at the last card to be delt.

3. Depending on the money you have available bet the minimum until the following happens.

4. Because you are the last card to be delt you can observe all previous cards delt and the idea is to know if most of the cards you see are face cards or numbered cards. K vs 5

5. Just keep betting low until you see that about half of the shoe has been delt, and if you were watching, that most of the cards you saw were number cards rather than face cards.

6. NOw that you have gotten that far, her is the secret. You know that most of the cards so far are numbered cards so it stand to reason that most of the rteast of the cards will be face cards. So start looking at the dealers cards and you will see many times they will have an up card that is a face card. But often time their whole card is a number card and that works to your advantage so even if you have a 12 or so just stay with what you have and let the dealer go over and loose.

7. As I send spend the minimum until this happens and then do what you came to do and bet high with the assumption you will win 8 out of the next available hand in the shoe.

*. This works every time if you have the time and base money to see it through. It is just like a Texa Holdem turnement, you must be able to invest the time to win.Did you know that most people that loose in Texas Holdem is beacuse they wear out.

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