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The truth about 1-6-2021

All the evedince is coming out about the Republican efforts to ovethrow the election of Nov 3,2020 and install Donald Trump as the US President.

Over 100 Republican Congresspersons were set to block the confirmtion of Joe Biden as The new president when a Republican mob attacked the US Capital to take out Vice President Pence and the Speaker of the House so That Trump could maintain power.

Those  Treasonous Republicans like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubeo should be in jail. Fox news should be bankrupted for spreading false information and its contributions to the attempted destruction of the republic.

Most all who worked with Donald Trump have been found to be implicit in Trumps actions and should do no less than a maximum jail time

1-6-2021 will live on forever in the minds of all Americans as the day the Republican Party tried to demolish the Democracy established by the founders and install a ditatorship.

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