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Medical Malpractice Due to Medical Insurance    
Friday, April 12, 2024
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Much of the medical malpractice we see today is due to the insurance industry restrictions

 Case in point: 

My wife started to have Kidney Stone problems in 2008 and from that point on all the doctors would test for was Kidney stones. When she started going to Pain Management it was the same thing. The insurance companies would not pay for additional scans and tests so the doctors would prescribe a relatively small, amount of pain medication. Additionally, they never did any blood testing to see if something else could be the cause of her pain. The insurance companies established the " Prior Approval Prosses" and that stopped many of the tests and scans that could have provided a better diagnosis.

In the following years, my wife had blood work done about once a year based on what the insurance industry would pay for. No other scans or testing was approved after the "Prior Approval Prosses" was established with the exception of three hospital stays treated for Kidney Stones. Nothing else was considered. Now we move on to 2018-2021.

My wife had tried several times to get an increase in pain medication over several prior years but, with the so-called opioid epidemic, the doctors refused and reasoned that there was no change in her condition and they could not get scans to see if there was. Again they could not get the Prior Approval needed. They gave up.

Now we are in 2022 and my wife had a very bad bout of extreme pain and bleeding from what was thought to be in the urinary tract. The bleeding had been going on for about a month. She then went to the neighborhood hospital and both blood work and a single scan were taken. The result was said to be a very large  Kidney Stone. It could not be treated at the facility so she was sent to the larger associated hospital where she was treated, for the most part, based on the information from the neighborhood facility doctor.

She was still bleeding four days later when they discharged her and sent her home. Due to insurance restrictions, they did not investigate the cause of the bleeding and just assumed it was caused by the Kidney Stone that she had passed during treatment. As she was having a very hard time sitting a staff member suggested she may have Hemroids. We, in turn, sought out a Hemroid treatment facility but found it very hard to even get an appointment.

About four weeks later and with the bleeding still going on she returned to the hospital and was screened in the emergency room. The doctor soon sent her packing saying she had massive internal Hemroids and suggested another doctor.

After about a month of trying to get the appointment, she saw the doctor and he concluded that he was not the right doctor for her situation and suggested another doctor. After about a month of trying to get an appointment with the doctor referred to she gave up and went looking for another doctor that could help. Remember all this time the bleeding was going on and visits to pain management and primary care did no good at all.

Now we come to October 2022: My wife finally was seen by a Hemroid Doctor who concluded that it could be something else and sent her for a colonoscopy before any treatment. A few weeks later she arrived for the procedure as scheduled but there was a problem because the PREP did not work effectively, The Doctor, after having seen the scans did the colonoscopy anyway. He ordered a biopsy and three weeks later she went to see him the result was that she had a massive colorectal cancer and that was the cause of the bleeding. He also stated that based on his experience she had this cancer for at least two years.

In conclusion, it is now Dec 12, 2022, and she is still bleeding without any treatment and trying to get something done to help her.

My opinion is that she will bleed to death and suffer greater pain because of the insurance company's requirements for the treatment and the so-called Opioid epidemic that is really based on idiots that go to heroin and fentanyl for a high.

She is still bleeding and can no longer do anything more than wait and see.The other bad situation is that one has to wait to get to an appointment to find out what the situation is as they will not give the information out over the phone. They also do nothing until they meet you and set a time and place to do whatever.

2023: My wife has suffered great p[pain for many years because insurance did not approve appropriate testing and pain management doctors are working under the yoke that opioids are what is causing young people to seek out dangerous drugs like Fetinal.

It is GEHA insurance and doctors with no backbones that have killed my wife many years sooner than she should have died. It took them over 13 years to decide she had colon/rectal cancer resulting in her death in 20 days.

My kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids think I should be peaceful in this situation but if I find the power I would destroy all those doctors, hospitals, and i8nsurance companies that work from a position of greed rather than a position of what is best for the patient.

The video here is not created by me but shared on YouTube and the creator has not made these statements.

Now that the United States has allowed a single Judge to determine what the entire nation can or can not do you will see the fall of Democracy and I will get my revenge against medical fraud and malpractice by doctors who follow insurance company requirements as their guide to patient care. n case you did not know it, the so-called opioid crisis is fake and designed to make insurance companies richer.

My wife, Sherry died on 2-20-2023 at the age of just 65 thanks to the American medical system.



Medical Malpractice Due to Medical Insurance

Sun, Dec 18, 22, 14:54, 1 Year ago
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