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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Lauran Boebert displays her true self in a Denvor theater

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Tue, Sep 19, 23, 18:59, 3 Months ago
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Warning, this clip of Congresswoman Boebert should not be seen by childred

Lauran Boebert, a self-proclaimed Christian and member of the US Congress is shown in this video being fondled and fondling the genitals of her date at a family-friendly concert in Denver Colorado. She is known for being on the far right of the Republican Party and running off at the mouth about morality so I guess this was a demonstration of what not to do at a show filled with children.

So far not much heard from the Republican leadership so it seems this is just part of their platform getting ready for the next election.

Don't me wrong, what you do in private is your business but what you do in front of me or my kids is my business. So, until the Republicans remove you from office I will continually suggest they approve of your sexual acts in a theater.


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