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Joe Biden shows his stuff    
Friday, April 12, 2024
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I got a flyer from what appeared to be from the Democrats but it was a Republican flyer full of lies

No matter who you are or who you expect to vote for you should not vote for anyone based on lies told about their opponents.

I don't normally do politics, but it got personal when I received a flyer at my front door. I looked at it and it was an amass of Democratic collars and was talking all about how we felt about President Joe Biden.

I shortly discovered the flyer was from a Republican group and filled with a whole lot of lies. The truth is I believe that a misrepresentation is the same as a lie.

I was going to not speak about this coming election but they got personal and now so will I.


Joe Biden shows his stuff

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Sat, Dec 9, 23, 16:27, 4 Months ago
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