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The truth about 1-6-2021

All the evedince is coming out about the Republican efforts to ovethrow the election of Nov 3,2020 and install Donald Trump as the US President. Over 100 Republican Congresspersons were set to block the confirmtion of Joe Biden as The new president when a Republic

GEHA can't decide if Oxygen is needed by a VET

This is not hard to understand. Doctor submits bill for durable medical equipment. Amount $552.01 Amount allowed $119.68 - the amont the doctor should have charged. Claim dissallowed $552.0

Federal Employees Look out if you use GEHA Medical Insurance

If you are a member of the  GEHA Medical Insurance for Federal emploees and families and are required to get drug testing done to comply with a doctor's request BEWARE !!! GEHA is refusing to cover these tests after more than 16 items have been tested for in
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