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Friday, July 12, 2024


  • 0701241341user-4.jpg
    After many terrible rulings by the Supreme Court, there is no doubt that this video expresses most Americans' opinions about the Supreme Court's rulings in this term.
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  • 0630241448user-2.jpg
    They tried to hide it. But what Donald Trump said at the ellipse on Jan 6 is right here Plus the immunity rule
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  • 0614241130user-4.jpg
    Trump tried but it came down to a meeting with his whxxes in a side building in Washington D.C.
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  • 0309241342user-2.jpg
    Stop accepting all the lies and get your facts correct
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  • 1105232005user-1.png
    You can't hide your bad deeds forever Donald
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  • 0510231503user-2.png
    Trump to pay out about 5 million dollars to E Jean Carrol for his liability in the sexual assault he committed
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  • 0329231846user-1.png
    This video suggests that Fox News is shifting the blame to Donald Trump in the Dominion law suite
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  • 1207231955user-4.png
    Some of them are running for office in the February 6th election in Las Vegas
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  • 1209231316user-2.png
    I got a flyer from what appeared to be from the Democrats but it was a Republican flyer full of lies
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  • 1220222134user-2.png
    It took three years for the IRS to comply with the law and send Trumps tax returns to Congress.
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  • 0628241417user-2.jpg
    Joe Biden shows just how strong he is in North Carolina.
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  • 1207221651Lideo.png
    All the facts are out
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