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Sunday, June 23, 2024


  • 0614241108user-2.jpg
    Russia tried to put on a show in Cuba but all they could spare was one sub and a cruiser.
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  • 0606241233user-2.jpg
    Update of the war in Ukraine with the United States finally taking action on F16s and financial aid
    Hits: 24
  • 240608184524user-1.jpg
    On this day, 5/30/2024 The presumed Republican candidate for President was just convicted on 34 felony counts in New York.
    Hits: 45
  • 0511241257user-4.jpg
    Seems like this war is going to go on forever unless the Russian people get the picture and stop Putin
    Hits: 89
  • 0511241248user-4.jpg
    Governments are now taking Russian assets that have been impounded. So, the fight goes on in Ukraine with the help of Russian cash.
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  • 0424242317user-2.jpg
    Arizona indicted Rudy, Meadows, and many other conspirators who tried to overturn the elections in Arizona.
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  • 0415241214user-4.jpg
    Donald Trump AKA Yellow Face is on trial for criminal activity related to the 2016 election and his illegal coverup of his sex with Stormy Daniels. Testimony started on 4-22-2024.
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  • 0412241742user-2.jpg
    Why Redpublicans continue to tell lies for Donald Trump is the question we all ask
    Hits: 188
  • 0325242104user-2.jpg
    How many times will Trump hire attornies that have no honor and end up with no license?
    Hits: 120
  • 0314241532user-4.jpg
    There is no dought that the Republican Party is being destroyed under Donald Trump
    Hits: 176
  • 0228241737user-2.jpg
    This video will show how the US Supreme Court has been bought by the Republicans
    Hits: 201
  • 0201241610user-2.jpg
    It is beleived that Imila?s crash site has been found but they must dive down to confirm it.
    Hits: 125
  • 0109241343user-2.png
    If the DC Court of appeals rules with Donald Trump Joe Biden would be allowed to assasinate Trump
    Hits: 135
  • 1117231648user-2.png
    If the people in Gasa did not advise others of the tunnels Hamas created how can we be expected to simpathise with them
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  • 1212231828user-4.png
    The terrorist group Hamas, has been attacking civilians in Israel for many years and now Hamas will be deleted
    Hits: 139
  • 1023231646user-1.png
    Texas can't handle it so they send immigrants to other places that can
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  • 1212231819user-4.png
    The question is will America listen and provide help to Ukraine to stop Russia from taking over Ukraine and others.
    Hits: 143
  • 0929231257user-1.png
    There is no question about it. The song " Monday Monday" fits this coming Monday with Trumps Fraud Trial
    Hits: 3780
  • 0926231901user-4.png
    Donald Trump and the Trump Organization has been found guilty of fraud with all Licenses held by them now revoked
    Hits: 161
  • 0922231318user-4.png
    Democratic Senator Mendez charge for multiple crimes and may be on his way to prison along with his wife
    Hits: 141
  • 0922231255user-4.png
    It is reported that all the major powers are in the process of developing a whole new line of Nukes
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  • 0922231240user-4.png
    Seems to me, just sems to me that the Republicans would stay in DC and work on stopping their government shutdown
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  • 0910231854user-4.png
    Ukraine took on the giant and is winning but it seems the media just wants things worse than they are.
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  • 1217231523user-2.png
    I don't kinow how Rudy fell from America's number one mayor to a total crook
    Hits: 135
  • 0826231556user-4.png
    Trump and 18 others conspired to throwout the results of the 2020 election and replace the winners with a mini dictatorship
    Hits: 317
  • 0824231028user-2.png
    The main reason we must stand with Ukraine is to stop Putin. Aweak man with the power to kill all
    Hits: 311
  • 0815231335user-2.png
    You gotta be really dumb to get indicted four time in several juristictions and still pretend your going to win
    Hits: 337
  • 0812231229user-1.png
    Why would you prove on social media that the person that called you a criminal was right?
    Hits: 419
  • 0803232040user-2.png
    Today,8-3-2023 , the discrace of Donald Trumps actions to overthrough the 2020 US elction comes home to roost
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  • 0602231115user-2.png
    Wit the tide turning in the Russian war on Ukraine Russians are starting to look for places to hide
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