Frequent Questions answered
Can i save images to my cell phone  YES: Images will have a SAVE TO PHONE next to them and you will need to double click to open them for downloading.
How much does Lideo get from ads  Ads are placed within a members posting based on location. The member receives 3 cents per view and Lideo receives 1 cent per view. Advertisers pay 4 cents per view that are shown in the location they choose.
Are postings and Ads Local? Postings are placed in the location of the poster while Ads are shown to visitors in the Ads specified location. Both are local. Example: you may be posting content from your home in london but the visitor is from Las Vegas so that vistor will see and advertisement from Las vegas and you get the credit for the view because it is on your posting
Is membership Free? Yes. Both posting members and advertisers have free accounts.Therefore, you only earn from posting content and advertisers only pay if posting Advertisements
Do advertisers pay for Ad views? Yes, Advertisors place Ads in local areas and pay for the views the Ads receive. The current rate is 4 cents per view.
Do posting members earn money? Yes. Every time an Ad is shown below your posting you will earn 3 cents. We pay that each month when the members earnings level is $30.00 or more.After payment is made the earnings start over.
Will earnings and costs increase later? We expect to keep them as above but like all business, we may have to make adjustments later.
Where do I go to see my earnings? Go to your Profile in the Menu area.
I am an advertiser and want to know how my Ad views are recorded To start with your Ads are only shown on a member posting page and not on our front page. In this way, you are assured that your Ads are both local to the location you specify and recorded only when a visitor clicks on a posting and enters the member posting area. You advertising budget is not waisted on unseen Ads or robot clicks because those cheating systems just will not work on this website. Call me at 702-222-4793 if I can add more information for you.
How can I use Youtube's embed code? The embed can no longer be entered in any website page. It is blocked by the browser.Instead you must download the Youtube video to your devise and then upload it into your posting. You will not be able to download non-public videos from Youtube
Will VPN users see local advertisements? VPN connections are exploding across the Internet and this prevents most all sites from localizing the content. With that said, we added the option for a VPN visitor to signup and provide a location so that they can benefit from our service.
Can you edit postings? Yes. when a posting is submitted we check it before it goes live and will correct spelling errors or hold it if the content is not acceptable. If you do not see your posting in 4 or 5 days please go to it and edit it to conform with our standards. We add a { problem note ] to your post so you know what went wrong.