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We answer any members question of any kind. Frequent Questions and Answers  

1  Question:  What does local advertising mean for the video posting member and the Advertiser?
Answer:  Advertisers set the location for their Ads so they don't waste money on Ads being shown where they will have no effect. Our posting members earn from Ads in the area where they live and Ads from major worldwide Companies. Our program first chooses local Ads for your video. If no Ads are available it switches to worldwide companies like Capital One or Allstate Insurance. This way, local advertisers have 100% local views of their ads, while the video posting members earn from both worldwide and local Advertisers.

2  Question: As a content posting member can I name my channel?
Answer:  Yes. You create a channel by choosing your nickname.AKA [channel name]

3  Question: Why does Lideo use Snapshot rather than a thumb
Answer:  Power Media Player for Dell works well. Just load your video to the player and pause it to pick a picture. Then right-click and select Snapshot and it will save the selection you chose for your video upload.

4  Question: What are compatible platforms at
Answer: provides video sharing and uploading from both cell phones and desktop devices.

5  Question: What is the Location concept?
Answer:  We are implementing a system that uses postal codes to establish marketing areas. For example: Las Vegas Nevada has several cities within its marketing area like Spring Mountain and Henderson. So we use the zip codes in these areas to establish the marketing area for the Advertisement. If you place an advertisement in Las Vegas, others in your marketing area will also see it.

6  Question: What do you mean by a Free platform'
Answer:  Membership at is free. However, if you choose to place an advertisement there will be a fee of 4 cents for each view. If you have us host a video for your private use there is also a fee.

7  Question:  What is your Payment schedule?
Answer:  Video posting members earn three cents per view of the Ads shown with their video(s) and are paid through Paypal when they reach 1000 views or more from the Ads.

8  Question: What is meant by Low-cost advertising
Answer:  The cost for advertising on is four cents per Ad view. After one thousand views you will receive an invoice from Paypal at your specified email address for the total views to date.

9  Question: Does a VPN stop location applications normally used by websites
Answer:  VPN users are provided an alternate IP by the VPN service so they are not compatible with location-based programs like ours. VPN users will not see local Advertisements but will see Advertisements posted as "worldwide".

10  Question: Why do you use Paypal for payments and invoices
Answer:  By using Paypal for invoicing and payments we do not need members addresses, phone numbers or credit card information. Even though is a secure website we prefer not to collect any unneeded private information. You may have heard that Ticket Masters was recently hacked and the bad guys got thousands upon thousands of Names, Credit Card Numbers, and addresses. So we keep you safe by using a direct Bank Link [Paypal] to complete all our transactions

11  Question:  Can I post YouTube videos
Answer:  YouTube does not maintain any creative rights on the videos uploaded to them and the uploader specifies if the video is to go public or not go public. So, it seems that if the video they show can be right-clicked and it gives an option to download it would be fine to upload it to any website you like.

12  Question: What is the Email practice?
Answer: only sends emails associated with a member account such as payment and billing information and notice of changes that affect the member. We do not email advertising of any kind to members

13  Question: what are member services
Answer:  Members use a control panel to navigate across the website and receive information on their activities and options to make changes, add more content, or edit current content with one exception. Videos cannot be replaced with another video in the posting.

28  Question: If I choose Worldwide do I get more views?
Answer:  Yes. You will get many more views in and outside your region and may use your budget quickly

30  Question: Would I be rich if I received 3 cents for every political call I got?
Answer:  Oh, you are talking about passive income from having a phone. Well, with a account and a video posting you will receive 3 cents for every view with an Ad next to it. And, that is PASSIVE INCOME. Once done you get paid over and over again.

31  Question: Do local posting members earn from non-local advertising?
Answer:  Yes, but Not all the time. However, we have added a new group of worldwide advertisers. We place their Ads in vacant local spaces so posting members will get more credited views and reach the payment amount sooner. In other words, your posting receives more paid views than just local advertising. Note: Not all views of a posting will have an advertisement with it. It all depends on the amount of Ads and Internet traffic to the website.

32  Question: Why must all advertisements be image and text only?
Answer:  We have studied the system of video advertisements interrupting video postings and found both the advertisements and the posted video are far less effective than a normal business advertisement next to the video being played. You ask why? Most people click skip asap on the Ad and many just quit watching the posted video.

33  Question: How much does it cost to advertise on youtube
Answer:  A search on the internet shows a range from Ten to Fifty cents per view

34  Question: How much does it cost to advertise on
Answer:  The cost is far below YouTube at 4 cents per view and you set the budget and location for your advertisement