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Friday, April 12, 2024

Frequent Questions -

The number one question is: How do you get an image from a video to post with that video?
You can use Microsoft's Movie Maker program or Dell's dvd22 program. Just load your video up and choose Snapshot. In Dell22 you must pause the video first.
In Movie Maker you will need to wait for the complete upload then choose snapshot. Both have their way of saving the picture so look for instructions about where you want them saved.
Now you are ready to upload both the video and picture to your posting at

The number 2 question: Is there a fee to be a member? The answer is NO. If you place an advertisement you are billed for that. If you have us host a video for you you will be billed. If you post video content you will earn income from our advertisements.


Account setup
Is my Nick Name my channel name Yes you can brand your channel by choosing your nickname
Does my channel have to be about the same subjects No. you may have a variety of different subjects
Can I use several categories for my channel yes? Choose categories that fit each posting Frequent Questions 
Can I save images to my cell phone?  YES: Images will have a SAVE TO PHONE next to them and you will need to double-click to open them for downloading.
How much does Lideo get from ads?  Ads are placed within a member's posting based on location. The member receives 3 cents per view and Lideo receives 1 cent per view. Advertisers pay 4 cents per view.
Are postings and Ads placed in Local regions? Yes
Is membership Free? Yes.
Do advertisers pay for Ad views? Yes, advertisers place Ads in local areas and pay for the views the Ads receive. The current rate is 4 cents per view.
Do posting members earn money? Yes. Every time an Ad is shown below your posting you will earn 3 cents. We pay that each month when the member earns $30.00 or more. After payment is made the earnings start over.
Will earnings and costs increase later? We expect to keep them as above but like all business, we may have to adjust later.
Where do I go to see my earnings? Go to your Profile in the Menu area.
I am an advertiser and want to know how my Ad views are recorded Your Advertisements will be shown in the location you specify. You can see the data in your control panel by clicking Advertisers in the menu
How can I use YouTube's embed code? The embed can no longer be entered on any website page. It is blocked by the browser.Instead, you must download the Youtube video to your device and then upload it to your posting. You will not be able to download non-public videos from Youtube
Will VPN users see local advertisements? VPN connections are exploding across the Internet, preventing some sites from localizing the content. With that said, we added the option for a VPN visitor to sign up and provide a location so that they can benefit from our service.
Can you edit postings? Yes. when a posting is submitted we check it before it goes live and will correct some errors or hold it if the content is not acceptable. If you do not see your posting in 4 or 5 days please go to it and edit it to conform with our standards. We add a { problem note ] to your post so you know what went wrong.