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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Terms of Use - Lideo.com

Your use of the lideo.com platform is allowed provided you do not cause any harm to others.

We have also installed a video function where you may upload a video to be shown in your postings. However, you may not post nude images or videos of nudes at any time. If done, your postings and your account will be deleted.

You may show men or women in a swimsuit or other clothing that could be called riske~ but is not a nude image or video showing nudity.

By posting content on Lideo.com you are specifying that you have the copyright to that content or have received the right to post it on lideo.com You also give Lideo.com the right to publish your content and allow others the right to download the content. Youtube openly shares its videos and provides embedding coding for that purpose so you may assume you have the right to publish it on our website.

We reserve our right to remove any posting or advertisement we feel is not suitable for our audience or represents hate, crime, or racism. Political attack Ads are hateful and will not be allowed as well as any posting doing the same.

You grant us permission to communicate with you using email. We do not spam but will send you messages about your account and our services as needed.

Postings may earn income from the platform when ads are placed in the space next to the posting. Advertisers agree to pay 4 cents per view of their ads of which the posting member will receive 3 cents per view. Your income can easily grow over time and is dependent on local advertisers in your hometown area participating. 

You may post with videos or pictures and as many as you like. We recommend that you start a channel using your chosen nickname to expand your viewer base.